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Maximize revenue and unlock efficiency through intelligent

surgical asset tracking

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Welcome to the modern solution revolutionizing healthcare asset management

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Built exclusively for healthcare

Hansel Medical is designed to meet the specific tracking & management needs of surgical and nonsurgical assets.

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Apply Hansel beacons to assets for coverage of your entire inventory

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Get precise asset location and statuses using Hansel web and mobile apps

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Boost revenue through heightened efficiencies and optimized asset utilization

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Real-time visibility and awareness of asset locations and status to reduce wasted search time

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Enhanced efficiency through asset retrieval and utilization improving operational productivity

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Reporting and analytics providing insights and patterns driving better data-driven decisions

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Maintenance and alerts delivering proactive notifications reducing inventory idle time

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Accurate, timely inventory management reducing errors and waste

Exclusively For Medical Device

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Non-surgical assets: tag and track implant banks using cost effective off-the-shelf beacons

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Surgical assets: tag trays using proprietary beacons that withstand harsh sterilization environments

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Medical devices: tag mobile medical devices delivered to patient point of care inside facilities

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Modern web and mobile apps enabling the power of Hansel from any device

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Proprietary hardware and features developed just for healthcare customer needs

Our Mission

To build intuitive solutions that deliver unmatched value to users and cultivate a relationship of trust

Medical Device Distributors

We are currently working with regional distributors to be a part of our early adopter program as we develop our technology and feature set alongside our customers to ensure the maximum value is delivered.

Device Manufacturers

Our goal is to engage with regional offices in proving value in a controlled environment with ROI for organizations; then move to the corporate level at scale to rollout national coverage where ultimate value is realized by our customers.

Healthcare Facilities

We understand that healthcare networks have a much lower risk tolerance and longer lead time to adoption. Our product vision is to provide the best end-to-end asset tracking solution for all of healthcare, tracking all assets in all environments.

Innovation Partner Program

Hansel is seeking medical device distributors and regional sales offices to become ‚Äčinnovation partners.

We will work with business, sales, and operational teams to develop a solution ‚Äčthat solves problems by driving transparency and efficiency for your organization.











We look forward to working with you!